Why did Sontag die…?

Why did Sontag die

when I was nine?


that our lives might have collided

on the cliff of time!


I bet she wore tobacco like perfume

Just as anyone in vogue would douse themselves in CK One

As she lay dying

in 2004.


“The Dark Lady of American Letters”

they named her


And down the decades her strident cry

received a reel of paper praise

From critics who would cast

their nets into the New-Wave.


I wonder what it would have been like

To feel

her incandescence for syllables and their footwork?


A peddler of belles lettres

Rebel of the sexes who loved in equal measure

A man’s robustness and a woman’s softness!


On foggy days, when my brain brims with stanzas ,

I look across the shore at the so-called




And hear the song of her bullets fired

into the spray.


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